Name des Wettbewerbs: HEC Corporate Responsibility Challenge

Ort: Montreal, Kanada

Zeitraum: Januar 2018


The HEC Corporate Responsibility Challenge is a two-day case competition held by HEC Montreal, where MBAs from across the globe provide solutions that will advance the role business leaders can play in contributing to the betterment of their communities.
The event is designed to solve actual cases written specifically for the competition.
The theme for 2018 will be more broadly oriented towards corporate responsibility and the addition of Artificial Intelligence/Big Data this year, along with innovative approaches to sustainability, in order to provide a diverse and spirited experience.
The competition will include distinguished guests from the CSR and Artificial Intelligence sectors, and will be an excellent networking opportunity among industry leaders and like-minded MBA students.
Teams will present their recommendations to a panel of judges, which will include senior executives from leading corporations.
Participating universities can send up to two teams, comprised of four students each. The three highest scoring teams will receive the following prizes (CAD)